Shade And Light = Highlight And Contour

High school art class. The class no one pays attention in. Except for actual artists of course. Your teacher is teaching you to press lightly in one area and hard with the other? I never really understood what she was talking about until I started getting into makeup.  When pertaining to art, darker colors are used to remove light from an area and lighter colors are used to attract light. The same rules apply to makeup! This is called highlighting and contouring. Highlighting and contouring are techniques used to shape the face that can essentially make a person appear bigger or smaller. Why do girls look like aztec warriors when they are putting on makeup? Boys if you’ve been wondering KEEP ON READING. A person will use lighter colors to accentuate features they want prominent on the face. These areas include the undereye area, bridge of nose, the cupid’s bow above the lip, and center of the forehead. Contouring the face consists of sculpting the face by using darker colors in areas such as under chin, sides of the nose, under the cheekbone, the jawline and perimeter of face. If the steps are followed correctly, you can lose weight in your face within minutes!

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